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September 2014 Timetable

You can get more information about the timatable that will apply from 1st to 14th of September 2014 and the timetable that will apply after 15th of September 2014, at the Programme page.
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Christmas Holidays

The school will remain closed for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

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Classes of modern dance (5-6/12/2014)

Classes of modern dance (5-6/12/2014).

Updated: 03-12-2014 17:15More

Changes on courses of 3rd October 2014

Changes on courses of 3rd October 2014.

Updated: 24-09-2014 13:19More

Movement Archery Workshop with Tom Weksler @ Modulor Dance Space [3-5/10/14]

The workshop is open to people with experience in dance,martial arts or other form of movement upon registration.

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September 2014 Offer

If you register at the school from 1st until 15th of September 2014, you can take advantage of our big offer.
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Last samba lesson - Summer 2014

We would like to inform you that on Friday 25th of July 2014, during the last samba lesson before summer closure, you will be able to participate in a unique roda session.
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Announcement for July schedule 2014

We would like to inform you that the school will remain open until the end of July and we will close for summer holidays from 1st until 31st of August 2014.

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Samba lesson: Announcement [17/5/14, 24/5/14]

Dear students, Saturday's 17th and 24th of May samba class is cancelled.

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Easter Holidays - April, 2014

The school will remain closed for Easter holidays from Thursday 17 of April 2014 until Monday 21 of April 2014. The classes will begin on Tuesday 22 of April 2014. We wish you nice holidays.
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Yoga Seminari with Gigi Krueger

After completing the first series of the practice, we will introduce students to the asanas of the second series, one by one. Consequently, we will add these asanas to the practice of the first series. The aim of the seminar is to practice only the asanas of the second series. The seminar suits better to students with experience to the practice of the first series of ashtanga vinyasa yoga.

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Christmas 2013

Dear friends, The Modulor Dance Space will stay open until Monday, 23 of December 2013. The classes will start again at Tuesday, 7 of January 2014 and we welcome the new year of 2014 with new classes, programme changes and seminars.
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New schedule after 7th of January 2014

You can get inform for the new courses schedule that will be applied after the 7th of January 2014.
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3rd Samba Workshop with Gislene Ausech Antonucci [02/11/2013]

Saturday 2nd of November, 18:00-19:30. Participation fee: 15 euros. Workshop Place: Modulor Dance Space, 8, G. Sisini str., Ilissia, Athens P.C. 11528,Tel. 210-7232379, Fax 210-7232279. email: info@pilatesdance.gr, F: Modulor Pilates, Modulor Dance Space
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New schedule after 14th of September 2013

You can get inform for the new courses schedule that will be applied after the 14th of September.
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Welcome message September 2013

We welcome you in the new school year and we wish you are happy and healthy. The classes have already started on 2nd of September [2013] and we are ready to spend this year together with optimism and positive energy.
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On Saturday 21st of September 2013, and ONLY for that day, we will host an introduction class for free on ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA with Gigi Krueger at 13:00-14:30.
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Summer Break 2013

The school will remain closed from Friday 2nd of August 2013 until Sunday 1st of September 2013. The classes will start again on Monday 2nd of September 2013. Kid's classes and yoga lessons will start on Monday 16th of September 2013.
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Hour change for contemporary class on Saturday

In June 2013, the contemporary dance class on Saturday will take place at 2:30-4:00 p.m. with Elena Prapidi.
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Easter's vacation

The school will remain closed from Wednesday 1/05 until Tuesday 7/05. Kid's classes will start on Saturday 11/05.
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Offer for 2013

New students who will enroll during 2013 in any class at our school, will not pay the subscription fee. The offer refers only to adult courses.
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Zumba open class 17/1 - FREE entrance

Join this open class with free entrance and live the unique experience of zumba with one of the best teachers in Greece, Baiano Reis.
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Christmas Holidays 2012

The school will remain closed from Μonday 24/12/2012 until Wednesday 02/01/2013 and it will open on Thursday 03/01/2013. We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Οffer: Free enrollment for students

University students who wish to attend classes in our school, do not have to pay the enrollment fee.
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New Teachers

Saturday's class of modern dance is thaught by Elena Prapidi and our new pilates teacher is Elena Farantzou.
Updated: 10-10-2012 18:15More

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