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Contemporary Dance Workshop with Pauline Huguet Modulor Dance Space March 19th and 20th 12:00-15:00 Cost 40 euro

Workshop Description
This weekend workshop is open to everyone with an interest in contemporary dance, at any level of experience. In a safe environment, Pauline leads the participants to connect their skills, brought about in the class, with their enjoyment of movement, whether it is in the improvisation session or in the choreographed phrase that will be developed over the two days.
Starting her workshop with simple breathing and exercises drawn from her practice of yoga and martial arts, Pauline moves on to teach a thorough contemporary dance class, building up toward an extended dance sequence. There is a moment in the workshop for improvisation, in order to help the participants let go of their inner judge and find the sensitivity, availability and energy necessary for the final dance phrase.

About the class
Pauline teaches a release-based dance class with an emphasis on the use of space through changes of directions and levels. The floor work at the beginning of her class is used later on, in dynamic sequences with several weight shifts and off-balance movements. With such a focus on travelling and risk taking, her class is physical and challenging whilst ensuring freedom and fluidity of movement.

Improvisation as a tool
Before, in the middle of, or after the class, Pauline proposes a time for individual movement exploration through improvisation. Using mental images and groovy music, she leads the dancers at all levels to overcome any mind or body limitations so as to (re-)find the sheer pleasure of dancing.

Pauline studied ballet in the South of France (Montpellier conservatory) before training as a contemporary dancer in London. Since she graduated from Laban in 2003 (st class BA Hons Dance Theatre), Pauline has performed with various physical theatre companies based in London, notably DV8, Protein Dance and Punchdrunk. She has also worked as a choreographic assistant, rehearsal director and education associate for these companies, and she has recently started creating her own work as a choreographer. She extensively teaches dance (contemporary technique, ballet, improvisation and choreography) in schools and for professional companies, in England and abroad. She obtained the French national dance teacher’s diploma (Diplome d’Etat) in April 2010.

For further information:
Modulor Dance Space
8 G. Sissini str, Ilissia - Athens
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