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Massage sessions for healthy body and better spirit

With the pressure on the right spots of the body, rubbing and the use of organic oil and cream, the flow of energy returns, the body releases the stress and gets relieved from the pains. After at least three sessions, the therapeutic effects on the body become noticeable, the pain on the most stressed parts of the body, like the neck, the back or the nape, gets eased or even disappears. 


After studying next to an Indian teacher and having worked for years in a well known hotel, Aicha brings the eastern massage methods to Modulor Dance Space, by offering atomic 45 minute sessions in the pilates room of the school. The sessions are adjusted to each person’s needs, with attention to special health problems (like the problems of the heart) and with focus to parts of the body with more stress.

Besides the massage sessions, Aicha offers natural waxing with a mixture of lemon and sugar and face cleaning with the use of a mixture of clay and rose water.

The cost of each massage session costs 30 € for Modulor Dance Space members and 40 € for non members. For booking an appointment, please call at 210-7232379 and leave your message (your name and telephone number).

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