Konstantina Drosopoulou

Through music, movement, body expression in everyday life and dance, Konstandina is there to give you balance and a chance to develop different aspects of your self. Her personal story with dance began when she studied ballet and explored harmonious movement with a group of young dancers. She continued her studies at Sofia’s Pancho Vladigerov Music Academy and received her degree in Ballet Technique/Teaching.

Her interest in discovering the body’s full potential lead her to Evita Iliopoulou’s Pilates School, where she studied and then worked for four years, becoming a certified pilates instructor. After specializing in power pilates in the streets of New York, and with an insatiable curiosity to learn more, Konstandina found herself in Brazil, where the rhythm of berimbau tempted her to study capoeira after returning to Greece. She now spends her Saturdays carried away by the sound of samba, taught in her studio, and exploring the deep relation of body and soul harmony through yoga exercises and meditation.

In 2006, together with Frosso, Konstandina founded Modulor Dance Space. Her most treasured days are those she spent initiating youngsters to the secret world of artistic expression and body harmony through ballet. Her students can benefit from her experience and knowledge on pilates, but she also encourages them to turn to other arts or techniques, since the studio offers ballet, yoga and capoeira classes, and explore their potential. Konstantina Drosopoulou is one of the founding members of the Greek Pilates Association.