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Experience a complete system of contemporary alternative workout, taught by Konstandina DrossopoulouEfrosini Voutsina and Ζoe Arvanitaki at our fully equipped pilates studio in Modulor Dance Space. With personal training and movements adjusted to individual needs, pilates is for EVERYONE, whatever your age, body shape or fitness. Through coordination of movement and breathing, pilates will awaken your body from the lethargy of everyday’s life of sitting for hours, it will make your muscle groups work in a more balanced way, help you reduce stress and at the same time exercise your body without exhausting it. Individual classes or group classes of three available.

For more information on session costs and schedules, please contact the studio reception (tel. +30210-7232379).

What you should know about pilates

  • It was developed in Germany by Joseph Pilates (1883-1967). Trying to overcome his own taunting health problems and moved by the sight of World War I injured soldiers riveted to their beds, he developed an ingenious system of physical exercise based on a set of movements whose aim was to tone core postural muscles and provide support for the spine..
  • It became known outside Germany in 1926, when Joseph Pilates moved to New and, with his wife, founded a studio on 8th Avenue. His innovative method soon gained great support among artistic circles which included Martha Graham, George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins. Today, it is the exercise of choice for a host of famous Hollywood celebrities, like Madonna, Jodie Foster, Julia Roberts and more, as well as for many dancers and athletes.
  • It comprises more than 500 exercises, executed on the floor or with the aid of special equipment, like universal reformer, cadillac, pedi pull and high chair. Its basic principles are: concentration, control, centering (finding your powerhouse), precision, breathing and flow of movement.
  • It can speed up your metabolism and benefit your respiratory and circulatory system. Pilates can relieve you from back pain and support your torso, make your stiff knees flexible and your body more aligned.
  • Don’t expect miracles after one or two sessions. Don’t expect to feel sweat dripping down your neck and back. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t pant or feel overworked like in a conventional gym. Pilates needs patience, repetition and persistence; in time you will have a firmer body and a feeling of invigoration and well-being without exhausting yourself. For better results, make sure you attend at least two classes weekly.

Comfortable exercise clothes, socks.