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Ballet for Kids

Tuesday Thursday
17:00 - 18:00
Mamoureli Despoina
17:00 - 18:00
Mamoureli Despoina
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For children from 6 years and older

The course of classic ballet with Zoe Arvanitaki is proposed as the ideal exercise for young children, boys and girls who have not yet fully developed their skeletal system, that have flexibility to muscles and ligaments, which enables them to increase the range of motion and obtain the correct posture. The class is based on the Russian method "Vaganova" and its main goal is to introduce children to kinesiologic education. This can be achieved through: 1)combinations of exercises (on the bar, in the centre and on the floor) which target the empowerment of muscle tone, the development of flexibility and giving a correct stance to the body in general, which will be the basis for further development 2)Through rythmic exercises, which target the development of the children's musicality and 3) Through dance and improvisation, free of already known motion motives. The main pursuit is the expression of the children's inwardness and their crative imagination.

At the end of the year, parents and friends have the opportunity to attend a live presentation of young students in the hall of the school. The school year begins in middle of September and ends late June, while the school is closed for Christmas and Easter holidays for almost two weeks and does not work on national and school holidays. For more information about the program and operation dates of the school, see the Program.

Girls wear tights, bodice and soft dance shoes. Boys wear t-shirt, shorts or tights and dance shoes.

Modulor Dance Space


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